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Coca Cola Olympic Pavillion

vPPR’s Olympic pavilion presents the world’s first four-dimensional moving icon. Conceived in three basic parts – a base frame, moving structures and a bespoke net façade – the pavilion is simultaneously a stage for performances and a performance in itself.

  • 2012
  • London, UK
  • Competition for runner-up out of four shortlisted


The pavilion is conceived as a bridge between architecture and fashion. Dressed in a stunning, iridescent, constantly shifting exterior envelope, it literally transforms into something you can wear: a custom-made net bag.

The net, made from threads of recycled plastic Coca-Cola bottles, speaks of the playfulness, elasticity and ephemerality of the event-based nature of the Olympics, with clear sporting connotations.

The changing form of the pavilion corresponds both to its internal use and the unpredictable weather, resulting in four primary configurations. These accommodate a wide variety of activities, from mass visitor flows to one-off dj events, and act as a weather indicator, alternating between sunshade and rainscreen.

Using off-the-shelf mechanically-driven components, the structure extends in four directions with projecting balconies and a vertically moving trampoline. With its constantly changing form, every visit is a unique experience.

Visitors circulate through lightweight transparent interior spaces, filled with inflatables and interactive sight, touch and sound exhibits.

They are invited to play with the Media Wall, communicate with the athletes, drink at the bar under the ETFE roof and enjoy the moving framed views out to the Olympic grounds.

The visit culminates with a bounce on the trampoline at the heart of the pavilion, linked via webcam to digital screens in Piccadilly Circus and around London.

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