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Coldharbour Road

This development proposes to transform an unattractive backland garage site into a new residential complex providing a total of eight flats, four two-bedroom units and four one-bedroom units.

  • Ongoing
  • Croydon, London, UK
  • 538m2


Based on a “weave” concept, the proposed design responds to the context through scale, which is two-storey reflecting the majority of the surrounding townscape; form, which is a linear block with a pitched roof; and materiality, which is brick.

The linearity and perceived mass of the development for neighbours is broken down by the manipulation of the façade, which pulls in and out, providing porches and a variety of terraces to the future residents on the site, and by alternating colours of brick, reinforcing the weave pattern.
At the same time, the roof pitch pulls in and out, creating a playful profile to the mass and consequently a strong identity.
As a car-free development, the external amenity space creates opportunities for safe play in the shared courtyard spaces leading to the entrances to the flats.
The landscaping strategy seeks to bring as much vegetation as possible on to the site, with trees, planters and grass areas, helping to minimise any overlooking issues by filtering views.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Roof Plan

Despite the proximity to neighbours, careful window placement and planting zones limits overlooking.
In conclusion, the proposal is intended to have an attractive distinct character of its own that is also strongly contextual.
The design has evolved considerably since the first version as a result of integrating comments from the planning department and local community.
The proposal has been granted planning permission.

Section AA

Section BB

North Elevation

East Elevation

South Elevation

West Elevation

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