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CookieBar, a new cookie business in Manhattan, is created from extruded cookie-cutter shapes.

  • 2009
  • Manhattan, New York, USA


The cookie-cutter pattern is applied to the facade as an ornate metal framework. Inside, the cookie-cutters form display cabinets that fit together to form a distinctive and eye-catching jigsaw pattern reflected in the floor tiles.


As well as a permanent store, vPPR also worked on a series of small-scale pop-up cookie stores in New York. Each pop-up requires a new design to fit the particular space but we are working with a consistent theme: a tiling pattern of cookie cutters to form a lattice. In the first display we constructed this out of 200 actual reclaimed cookie-cutters, riveted together to form a screen, and with bright-red infill panels to create shelving for the cookies; the second display consisted of a vinyl cookie cutter pattern transferred to the walls of an existing circular glass room, to create an eye-catching lantern

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