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Drovers Road

This proposal seeks to complete the fourth edge of a residential courtyard, creating nine new one bedroom flats arranged over three storeys in a unique cross-shaped plan.


  • Ongoing
  • Croydon, London
  • 558m2


The design is conceived as a series of stacked cubes laid in a cross grid and oriented diagonally in relation to the surrounding buildings.
Externally, this unique faceted facade helps to reduce the perceived mass of the proposed development by breaking it down into smaller parts.
It also minimises overlooking onto the surrounding flats because there are no direct views between them, and the angled profile allows the building to taper away at the closest points to the existing west and east Drovers Road blocks.
Internally this angled plan allows the new flats to be multiple aspect, either dual or quadruple, with maximum views and light for the future residents.

The design brings a dynamic formal composition to the existing rectilinear courtyard, and relates to it through the scale and materiality, whilst having its own distinctive geometric character.
The roof is pitched referring to the local vernacular and the materials are brick, with colours to match the existing.
The residential complex is fully re-landscaped with hard and soft surfaces, helping to weave existing and new architecture together into a cohesive whole.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Roof Plan

The scale of the development has been considerably reduced since its original version due to feedback from the local residents and the planning department.
The proposal has been granted planning permission.

Section BB

Section AA

North Elevation

South Elevation

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