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Killua Garden Restaurant

In March 2020, vPPR were commissioned to design a new restaurant within the historical walled garden of Killua Castle in Ireland. As part of the brief, vPPR are to enhance and to respond to the castle and its context, in particular Killua’s strong commitment to sustainability and regeneration of the environment.


A spiral that echoes the octagonal geometry of the walled garden, produces an ever-expanding progression of volumes growing out of a courtyard, then the restaurant building itself and finally the landscape. The theatrical volumes of the restaurant are open to the gardens on one side and to an intimate central courtyard to the other. They grow in size and importance around the spiral; the smallest segments being the reception and WCs; then two restaurant spaces of different sizes which offer flexibility depending on the event and number of guests; the largest segment contains a restaurant kitchen and an industrial kitchen for pie making.

Each space is defined by a single vault with a skylight that allows light from above whilst enabling the roofs to be accessible terraces on which guests can walk from the first-floor bar back down into the landscape. The spiral of the green roof terraces then merges with the spiral of the expansive landscaped gardens.

The walls will be made from a local dark grey limestone aggregate in poured concrete where the texture, grain and size of the limestone will be varied for each section of the spiral: the smallest segment being the smoothest and most subtle with the largest segment having bigger, chunkier pieces of stone revealed. Limestone scraps will come from local quarries, reducing waste on cutting limestone. The use of the limestone references the wider context where it is used for the castle and the historical garden walls

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