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Les Sciernes

Located in a mountainous region, a collection of jagged concrete forms rise up from the terrain and offer 360 degree views out over the dramatic landscape.

  • Les Sciernes, Switzerland
  • Ongoing


Taking inspiration from the awe-inspiring alpine scenery on all sides, the design of this three-bedroom family home in Switzerland is driven by an internal journey that responds to the topography of the site.

Acting like a small mountain range, a series of pitched volumes spiral around a central courtyard, growing sequentially like a set of Russian dolls.


Caspar David Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich

The first and last of the units are designed for use by each of the owners, with an artist’s studio in the smallest block and a yoga studio occupying the other end.

The semi-enclosed courtyard provides a sheltered spot from the wind and is surrounded by a south-facing glass wall that helps to warm the building in winter.

The pin-wheel plan of the house radiates outward, forming sharp peaks with windows aligned to a central point and therefore offering views out in all directions.



Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Residents will enter the house and walk through a series of ever increasing levels, each offering a framed scene of the landscape beyond.

This journey culminates in a grand vista from a set of full-length windows that look onto the village below from a meditation space at the highest point in the house.

The open-plan rooms blend seamlessly into one another and allow for the majestic sculpted ceiling to be experienced free of obstruction.

Section BB

Section DD

Section EE

East Elevation

South Elevation

West Elevation

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