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Qingdao Cultural Centre and Cafe

vPPR’s winning competition entry blends local textile history, built heritage and landscape to form a new social hub for the M6 cultural district in Qingdao.

  • 2013
  • Qingdao, China
  • 2800m²




The design of this refurbishment was inspired by the form of the existing buildings and the history embedded in several structures that appear to have been constructed over different periods of time.

A series of orthogonal glass volumes rise up to the same height and rest on top of the historic structure below, emphasizing its constantly varying profile.

An intricate pattern adorns the new interventions, inspired by the former purpose of M6 as a textile factory. This creates a contrast between old and new, through a careful variation of materials and form.

The proposal reorders the labyrinthine spaces inside and renews the building as a café, restaurant and hotel, each function changing the gradient of public to private life.


Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Roof Plan

Visitors are therefore offered the opportunity to explore the history of its built fabric. In the true tradition of Chinese architecture, two characterful courtyards will be retained, providing much-needed outside spaces, as well as quiet moments for contemplation.

The café acts as a serene oasis from the thriving activity which takes place across Qingdao’s new cultural district, itself inspired by the success of 798 in Beijing.

Section AA

Section BB

Elevation 1

Elevation 2

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