Columbia GSAPP Studio: Art House

Home to millions of art objects, could the museum also become home to artists themselves? Highlighting the increasing disconnect between the production and consumption of culture, and bucking the trend of gentrification by relocating artists from the margins to the centre of the city, Art House Studio integrates affordable artist housing and studios within four New York City museum sites: The Met, MOMA, Dia Chelsea, and The New Museum.

By mixing housing and museums, the studio celebrates the productive tensions between program and form, ethics and aesthetics, art and architecture, life and art, interior and exterior, privacy and publicity, real and fictional. Students explore economic and financial models that demonstrate the viability of the provocation and question the relevance of the museum in the future: Is the museum a place of contemplation or is it a mixed use space filled with cafes, stores, information booths – and now housing too?

Student projects push the brief’s agenda in different ways including: a new inhabitable system of skylights for the Met; splicing MOMA’s luxury residential tower with cultural bands that veil Jean Nouvel’s iconic form; infrastructural voids encrusted with colourful adhoc housing units at Dia Chelsea; and the liberation of Sanaa’s stacked box galleries which are extended and given ultimate flexibility in plan and section at the New Museum.


Javier Moya

Clifford Champion

James N Brillon

Clifford Champion




James N Brillon

Hasan Youssef

Madeleine Haslam



Ashely Kuo



Aude ElAzzi



Swati V Jain



Yi Xu



Haodi Zhang