Leicester Engineering Building Exhibition


A video-based exhibition at The Architecture Foundation in London in April 2011 re-presents the Leicester Engineering Building designed by Stirling & Gowan, subjecting it to the critical review of different audiences positions: that of the architects, the historians, the critics, and the users. The exhibition brings together a series of interviews conducted and recorded by Joseph Bedford on film over the past year: with the architects of the building, James Gowan, Michael Wilford and Julian Harrap; with the client, Professor Edward Parkes; with critical interpreters and historians including Peter Eisenman, Kenneth Frampton, Irénée Scalbert, Charles Jencks, Robert Maxwell, Leon Krier, Joseph Rykwert and MJ Long.

Through an immersive moving-image environment with documentary films and a field of video interviews, the exhibition, literally stages the problematic of architecture’s reception: at the centre of the exhibition is an event space for debate, in which a programmed series of lectures, screenings, and conversations enables the public, architects, critics, historians and users to question on what terms, Leicester can be considered MORE THAN a building?