Museum of Architecture: Sandcastles

In response to the brief integrating the London Festival of Architecture’s theme of memory and in-Transit festival’s theme of ‘island life’, we have designed a scaled reconstruction in sand of Aldo Rossi’s Lighthouse Theater, 1987, originally designed for Canada’s Lake Ontario. By transferring it to the urban setting of Tavistock Square in Portobello, the sandcastle brings the themes of seaside, lighthouses, beaches, memory and theatre into the heart of the city. 

We believe in the continual crossover between art and architecture and the Sandcastle project aligns with our interest in small-scale, experimental interventions in the city that inspire, provoke and delight passers-by.

For every project, we always start by researching historical precedents in order to explore ideas and typologies appropriate to a specific site and brief. This is why we have chosen to recreate a project by Rossi, which is a temporary theatre stage set with a lighthouse on top. By reconstructing this historical precedent in sand, we are intrigued by the inevitable ephemeral nature of sand which recalls the collective nostalgia of summer holidays, and the powerful monumental forms of Rossi’s architectural design.