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The Magic Square

Based on a pattern of rotating fractal squares, this residential development transforms a neglected backland site into three new family homes, each with generous amenity space and access to a shared central courtyard.

  • Private Client
  • Current Status: Planning Application


Site Plan

Ground Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan

Roof Plan

The layout of the proposal is derived from a pattern of rotating fractal squares, which radiate from the centre of the site and are offset from the existing protected trees, which line the perimeter of the plot. The geometric arrangement brings order to the internal layout and allows each dwelling to benefit from dual aspect views, with equal frontage on both sides. This fractal pattern is carried through in both the landscaping and roof design.

Square courtyards are cut out of the massing, creating pockets of private external space for the new residents. These hard landscaped pockets are complemented with generous soft landscaped gardens which extend into the hinterland of the site.


A gradient of greys is applied to the proposal, with each quarter a different shade, allowing the houses to be identified as individual dwellings. The houses are considered as three interlocking volumes, with each house formed as an object, using the same brickwork tone for the walls, as well as the roof.

The proposal is intended to be a sensitive addition to the area, providing three high quality family homes, which have an attractive distinct character of their own that is also strongly contextual.