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Crescent Mews

Family homes in mixed sizes with community avenue and courtyard space on a light industrial site.

  • 2017
  • London, UK
  • 2084m²


The configuration of the existing buildings provide a centrally located courtyard – useful for bringing light into the plan and also for creating private/shared amenity space. This courtyard is extended into a central avenue in the proposed scheme, which ties together the different existing buildings into a coherent shared “external room”.

Concept Site Plan

Pattern from Alexandra Palace wallpaper ties site to its locale. Roof geometry also recalls Palace architecture in a subtle way. Industrial aesthetic and pitched/sawtooth roofs create strong profile that relates to both domestic and railway architecture.


Additional stories are added to the existing massing, fully utilising the potential of the site without compromising amenities of both the proposed and the neighbouring buildings.


Individual units are designed to a modular system, which brings a sense of order to the site as well as maximising efficiency in design and construction.




Concept Diagram - Elevation Pattern and Roofscape

Concept Diagram - Densifying of the Site

Concept Diagram - Flexibility of Unit Mix

The central avenue creates a special place for the community. Sculptural staircase inserted into avenue creates dramatic sense of arrival and connects everyone.


Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Mezzanine Floor Plan

The geometry of the roofscape wraps around the entire facade, tying different buildings on site into a homogeneous entity. Stepped massing with some flat roofed areas reduces impact on neighbours and provides terrace space. Vertical courtyards perforate wall to create views through, breaking down the mass.

Unfolded Elevations


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