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Culture Catalyst London

Culture Catalyst London


Curated by vPPR Architects with Rob Fiehn
Hosted by U+I, 7A Howick Place, London, SW1P 1DZ


2 November 2016


This public debate acknowledges the integral role that creative communities have historically played in reshaping the economic and socio-political landscape of our city, discusses the fine balance between cultural regeneration and gentrification, and asks what the future holds for London’s growth and prosperity if we exclude the very communities that are the basis of its success?



  • Chenine Bhathena, Senior Cultural Strategy Officer at the Greater London Authority
  • David Bickle, Director of Design, Exhibitions & Future Plan, V&A
  • Martyn Evans, Founder of Uncommon
  • Hadrian Garrard, Director, CREATE London
  • Jessica Reynolds, vPPR Architects



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