Dark Matter – Science Gallery London

One of the biggest mysteries in physics today is what exactly makes up our Universe, and why – according to the world’s leading scientists – 95 per cent of it cannot be observed. Imagining the unseen and questioning the invisible, DARK MATTER explored matter and materiality, the concept of invisibility and infinite divisibility, and the human quest for absolute truth and knowledge.


  • Use: Exhibition
  • Status: Completed
  • Borough: Southwark
  • Date: 


  • Client: Science Gallery
  • Curator: Sandra Ross
  • 3D Design: vPPR Architects
  • 2D Design: Twelve
  • Fabricator: Helm X
  • Image credits: Thomas Adank


Through a free exhibition and events programme, DARK MATTER combined art, physics and philosophy, drawing on the latest research from the Department of Physics based in the Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences at King’s College London. The season highlighted the critical role of artists, philosophers and storytellers in our understanding of the world around us and invited audiences to question their understanding of physics and even reality itself.

DARK MATTER was reimagined for presentation at Science Gallery Dublin, part of Trinity College Dublin during 2020 and 2021 as INVISIBLE. Featuring the majority of works from the original exhibition, INVISIBLE emphasised the critical role of science, art and philosophy in imagining the unseen – and can be encountered as a virtual exhibition here.

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