An interactive way finding device that also functions as a stage for street performance.


  • Borough: Croydon, London, UK
  • Status: Competition winner
  • Date: 2017


  • Architects: vPPR Architects
  • Graphic Designers: Twelve

“The Halo concept is not only a striking identifier for Croydon, it will become a sophisticated, elegant and lovely addition to the streetscape. The family of elements, such as the clover-shaped halo and mega-ring, have great potential. It is an adaptable solution which can also work as a framework for events. A great winner.”

Judges’ comment


The halos hover above the street, suspended by cables from nearby buildings or from metal poles, where necessary.  A grid of LEDs positioned behind a perforated Corten steel fascia to both sides of the halo, convey a range of information, from wayfinding to local data, such as the weather or football results. Wayfinding will either be fixed or interactive, responding to low cost electronic identification tags, to be located in tickets, business cards, wristbands and flyers.  This permits interactivity while maintaining privacy for the user.  Bright LEDs located around the base of the halos are used to project a temporary stage onto the street below.

Variation in halo shape

Halo Functions
Halo Navigation
Halo Navigation (RFID Endabled)
Halo Temporary Stage
Halo Local Data