Haywood Court

Based upon a simple ‘weave’ pattern that is legible from both above and within the proposal, the residential development brings order and beauty to an irregular site formerly occupied by disused garages.


  • Use: Housing
  • Borough: London Borough of Enfield
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Date: Planning Approved Summer 2022
  • Press:


  • Private Client
  • Transport Engineers: Phil Jones Associates
  • Tree Surveyor: Gristwood and Toms
  • Planning Consultant: Shape Urban Planning Consultants
  • Structural Engineers: Momentum
  • Environmental and Sustainability Consultants: SHA Environmental


A new “woven” grid is laid across a disused infill site and coloured with warm earth tones, bringing order to the site and responding to the surrounding context, into which 4no. modular two-storey three-bedroom houses are placed. Each rectangular unit has three pyramidal roofs. Instead of a monolithic roof, this multi-pitched roof design helps to break down the perceived mass of the proposal into smaller parts to minimise the impact upon the surrounding properties. The pitched roofs also create an artwork for neighbours to look upon, with a changing colour tone from white (communal) to red (private).

The arrangement of the rectangular houses on the irregular site results in
a series of external amenity spaces, ranging from communal courtyards to private gardens located in between the units and the boundary walls. Each external space is different in plan, bringing a unique character to each of the four units. The similar external treatment of the pavement, facades and roofs of the development results in a playful coherent design inside and outside. Planters, skylights and other elements also fit into the colour grid.

The tonal colour gradient enhances the journey across the site and introduces a sense of order: the edges of the site are detailed in darker tones, whilst the central pedestrian courtyards are clad in paler tones. This colour gradient draws you towards the heart of the site and articulates the central communal spaces.

The development is intended to have its own distinct identity whilst also fitting into its environment through the woven geometry, massing and materiality.


Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Roof Plan