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Nursery in Lambeth

A new build nursery in South London



Our proposal for a new, fully accessible, nursery building in Lambeth, South London has received planning permission and the works will commence in early 2021.

Sited between a white Grade II Listed school building and a two-storey red brick house, the design transitions between these scales through its massing and materiality.

The design creates a large multi-purpose space for play on the ground floor that opens up to a wellness garden at the rear. More focused and quiet learning is provided for on the upper level. The interior layout is translated onto the façade through the change of brick colour, red and white, and the rhythm of fenestration, playful and regular. The datum line between the two levels is disrupted by a large vertical slot window that defines the line of symmetry of the double pitched roof, and introduces transparency through the entire building to the garden beyond.

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