Salesian Sisters Convent

vPPR Architects has received planning permission for the retrofit of two semi-detached houses into a convent for the Salesian Sisters.  A new hall with communal room above brings together the two sides of the building.  The offices and charity spaces are separated from the communal living spaces.  A simple lean-to building is elevated into a chapel with the addition of a new roof and windows.

Construction is due to begin in May 2024.


  • Use: Convent
  • Location: Croxteth, Liverpool
  • Status: Planning
  • Size: Residential m²
  • Date: Ongoing



Founded in 1872, the Salesian Sisters were founded to work for the good of young people. The sisters are based worldwide and travel frequently between nations. With an evolving community and charity, the sisters seek to readapt their current home into a place that can accommodate multiple functions of the sisterhood.  Their VIDES charity supports a variety of activities, experiences and projects for children and young people aged 8-16 and the renovation of the building provides a new space to meet and hold workshops, provide a calm space for homework supervision and many other functions.

The project received full planning permission April 2024, now the project is under construction.

Salesian Sisters UK today
Sisters in 1950s-1970s
VIDES charity
VIDES workshop

A pair of semi-detached 1990s houses are woven together with a generous communal hall with a stair and double-height entrance space.  A humble lean-to structure on the east of the building is made into a chapel by exposing the roof structure and introducing rooflights between the trusses.

The ground floor comprises a offices and an activity room for the VIDES charity on the west, which is separated from the communal living (kitchen, sitting room, chapel and laundry) to the east.

On the first floor a communal library and sitting room joins bedrooms with en-suites to both sides of the building. Top lit kitchenettes form pockets for socialising within the communal corridors.

Ground floor plan
First floor plan
Roof plan

A criss-cross brick pattern in colours to match the existing brickwork weaves together the two buildings in the central hall.  Large diamond picture windows and a diamond patterned front door provide a welcoming public entrance.

The window to the new chapel is replaced with a diamond shape, also in a criss-cross pattern.

New windows, solar pv and solar thermal panels, additional loft insulation, a new air source heat pump, MVHR system and grey water recycling create a much more sustainable building for future generations of sisters.

North elevation
South elevation
Long section