This rebuilt mews house in Marble Arch splits communal and private spaces via a central staircase, creating light-filled rooms in a snug urban location.


  • Use: House
  • Location: Marble Arch, London
  • Status: Complete
  • Size: 131m² GIA
  • Date: 2011


  • Architects: vPPR Architects
  • Structural Engineer: Heyne Tillett Steel
  • Contractor: Varbud
  • Photography © Ioana Marinescu


A traditional façade belies a modern family home contained within, which has been reformed by a total reconstruction of the interior.

The function and character of the spaces inside the home have been split, delineated by a central staircase that leads from the base of the house up to a terrace on the roof, which acts as a stage and is overlooked by the dense cluster of buildings around it.

The main stairway divides the more private functions of the bedrooms and bathrooms from the shared spaces, such as the kitchen, dining and living room. An overhead rooflight in the central space allows natural daylight to cascade down and fill the interior spaces. The stair is comprised of dark stained wood, contrasting with the paler woods and lighter colours used to decorate the rooms of the house.

The building work was done in a cost-efficient manner thanks to the use of innovative spatial planning rather than expensive materials. Double-height spaces have been inserted into the existing built fabric to form open, airy rooms that create a series of views across different areas and walkways.

Split Axonometric

Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Roof Plan