An exhibition design for the University of Lancaster, exploring the micro and macro themes of nature at play in the work of John Ruskin.


  • Use: Exhibition
  • Location: The Ruskin: Museum of the Near Future, Lancaster
  • Status: Completed
  • Date: 26 September – 25 November 2019


  • Client: University of Lancaster
  • Architect: vPPR Architects


Our design plays on the symmetry of the exquisite building designed by MJP Architects in 1999. Our intervention consists of two centrepiece black metal framed vitrines to display Ruskin’s drawings and geology collections, one in each of the two gallery spaces. Further vitrines display manuscripts and other original works by John Ruskin. Surrounded by a salon hang of his drawings, architectural fragments and daguerreotypes, the exhibition highlights Ruskin’s ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ investigations into the world.

Internal Elevation